Usury Articles

Bush's Bear Stearns Bailout is Big Stupid

This will be a quick post, based entirely on logic everyone can understand, and just uses Bear Stearns in the title as the current obvious example. The billion-dollar bank bailout goes well beyond Bear Stearns, and this is a rant I needed to make. (Read More)

George W. Bush, Usury & Our Economy

Let's take a moment for a brief history of usury, then take a look at what has happened recently that has made the situation so bad for so many in our country. George W. Bush has not been a friend to the people of this country, specifically the poor and middle-class, and what has occurred with bankruptcy laws is just one indication of that. (Read More)

Recent Predatory Lending News

There have been a few interesting news items on usury, whether it’s a new tactic to swindle consumers, or action being taken by governments to limit usurious activity. It's good to remain informed on these, you don't want to become a victim of a predatory lending practice and end up losing your home, and it's nice to see a city government taking action against criminal lending practices. (Read More)

Oregon's Legislature Fighting Against Usury & Payday Loans

The lawmakers in Oregon are working on legislation to end the current legality of certain types of loans having a 528 percent interest rate. Will they succeed against the lobbyists? (Read More)

Usury By Any Other Name...Still Usury.

I’m sure the news of the stock markets continued rise hasn’t missed any ears. It makes me think this economy of ours is going strong, and we all have quit a financial future ahead of us. Then I consider our nation’s debt, our citizens’ debt, and I wonder why the stock market continues to rise.

The commercials that appeared on television sure were enticing, so much so I ran to my computer to check out the lenders online. I remember them clearly. They offered mortgages with dramatically lower rates than typically found. I saw monthly payments half what I pay, for a loan twice as large. How could that possibly be? I want in!

Luckily I checked it out and considered the implications, but how many did? Or how many considered them, but took that risk? Is it usury? (Read More)

How to Get Out of Debt in Five Steps

To get yourself out of debt you need a plan, and this article will help you create that plan. It won't always be easy, or very fun, but the reward pays you back ten-fold with less stress, and more discretionary income. (read How to Get Out of Debt)